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LPG Conversion Kits Australia

AMR Manufacturing is a high-quality manufacturer and importer of LPG automotive gas conversion parts and kits in Australia. With over 25 years of industry sales and distribution we have one of the largest ranges of LPG auto-gas parts and conversion kits found anywhere in Australia. Based in Oakleigh, Victoria we have been supplying AMR products to thousands of automobile gas conversion businesses and installer mechanics for decades.               

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Why switch to LPG? Depending on the price of LPG and Petrol you can save 50% to 70% of your fuel bill per year. So do the calculation and compare to the cost of converting your vehicle to work out the payback time and then save!

As the manufacturer, we provide you with service updates, step by step instructions and photos on all our products. We continue developing new and improved parts and kits suitable for any modern vehicle that come in the market. Together with a strong emphasis on quality control and customer service, you cannot go past AMR.  

We Cater To Wholesalers And Installer Mechanics

Here at AMR Autogas, our extensive product range of LPG conversion kits, filler valves, injectors and more means that we have one of the largest ranges of LPG automotive gas conversion parts and kits in Australia. Our online shop is perfect for anyone that need spare parts from a reliable business.

We have spent the last 25 years as the leading LPG manufacturer and supplier for the automotive gas conversion industry. Our team is dedicated to supporting businesses and automotive mechanics Australia-wide.

The hard work at AMR Autogas has allowed us to be nationally recognised as a high-quality manufacturer and supplier for wholesalers and installers, and that is why we are able to expand our service proposition to the global automotive network.

We are proudly Australia-made and owned, exporting to global markets in Canada and the USA. If you are looking for high-quality products that are trusted around the world, then choose AMR Autogas for your Australian LPG conversion kits, filters, valves, spare parts and more.




Our range of LPG converters cover a wide range of applications and are suitable for those that need to replace an LPG converter.

Our flagship AMR M7 vapour injection converter is made in-house and can be used to replace many different brands of converters, gas systems or conversion systems.


The comprehensive range of spare parts at AMR Autogas provides complete coverage for all things automotive. We stock parts that wholesalers and installers Australia-wide can use to fulfil their needs as required.

Our range of spare parts includes propane fill hoses, small tank gauges, converter stepper motors and more. If you need spare parts quickly from a trusted manufacturer and supplier, choose AMR Autogas for your automotive parts and spares.

Converters & Kits

Parts & spares

Why Choose AMR Autogas

Our 25 years of experience manufacturing and supplying automotive parts to businesses in Australia, Canada and the US have made us one of the leading LPG parts distributors available. We have been trusted by business around the world for reliable distribution and high-quality products. We have helped many businesses and customers switch to LPG and save up to 50–70% on their fuel bill a year. This is just one of the many ways we help businesses and consumers discover new possibilities and savings for their cars. Choose AMR Autogas for your LPG switch is proven to be safe and reliable. We offer a 3 year warranty for our LPG systems and conversions. Our products are also environmentally friendly, as they reduce carbon emissions substantially when compared to petrol or diesel.
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Highest standard of quality products with technical data and after sales assistance.

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Dedicated customer support and unsurpassed technical assistance on all our products.

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All purchases both on and offline are delivered fast as possible with safe and sound shipping.

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We manufacture all our products to world class standards meeting superiority quality.


LPG Auto Gas Products & Manufaturing

With over 25 years of industry experience we are a leading manufacturer and importer of a large range of LPG autogas parts