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AMR Autogas is a high quality LPG car parts Melbourne manufacturer  and LPG car parts supplier of LPG Conversion kits and LPG car parts to the Automotive Gas conversion industry. We have been in business for over 25 years distributing and supporting businesses and automotive mechanics with full fit-outs, LPG car parts and spare parts. We are the premium manufacturer and wholesaler of all AMR LPG conversion parts, manufacturer of Gasmaster parts and distributor of ACME parts. 



AMR products come as full under bonnet LPG conversion kits to convert petrol vehicles to LPG or any of the hundreds of parts required in the industry. Gasmaster Ignition Leads  with stainless steel spiral core specially designed for both petrol and gas vehicles.  AMR fillers are a product with proven quality to be the best in Australia. As the manufacturer and wholesaler, we are your first stop for all technical support and customer support. Providing you with service updates, step by step technical instructions on configurations and installations with photos and diagrams on all our products.

With dedicated technical support and customer service we pride ourselves as the best industry.



Having been nationally recognised as a high quality manufacturer of LPG conversion products Australia wide for over 2 decades, we are now expanding our company profile to supply a worldwide customer base. With quality assurance to world standards, cutting edge component technology, quality and reliability of our products being second to none we are hoping to service a wider range of satisfied customer base globally.

AMR is products and technology are continually  evolving  provide you with up to date solutions and innovations.  Please call us on 03 9563 1508 if you need any information finding any LPG products as we have a more extensive range not listed.

Outside of Australia

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Investing in LPG conversion technologies since the inception of our company.


How does it work

LPG comes from the tank to under the bonnet into the Converter which heats the liquid to come out a gas vapour which then goes into the Injectors which purely injects the correct amount of gas into each cylinder. Just like a petrol injector.

For direct injection motors the petrol injectors continue to operate at a very minimal amount to ensure they don't get too hot while running on LPG - Propane. This minimal amount can be only 5% however may vary according to motor type.


AMR Warrants our products up to 3 years

AMR products are manufactured to world quality standards, with our products sold globally to Canada and USA, we are proudly Australian manufactured and owned. Our products are manufactured locally in Melbourne, Australia

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Highest standard of quality products with technical data and after sales assistance.

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Dedicated customer support and unsurpassed technical assistance on all our products.

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All purchases both on and offline are delivered fast as possible with safe and sound shipping.

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We manufacture all our products to world class standards meeting superiority quality.


LPG Auto Gas Products & Manufaturing

With over 25 years of industry experience we are a leading manufacturer and importer of a large range of LPG autogas parts