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AMR North American Distributors

CANADA Distributor

Technocarb Equipment

#4 - 30435 Progressive Way, Abbotsford

British Columbia V2T 6W3



Phone: +1 604 854 6264




Technocarb are distributors of AMR products. They specialise in Vapour Injection Systems for Cars, Pickup trucks. They have Propane, LPG blend systems for diesel trucks. Photos with installation instructions for AMR products can be found on the website


Technical backup and systems that have proven reliability for many years including police vehicles, government vehicles and commercial trucks.

Technocarb can supply AMR products to you anywhere in Canada and USA.

sample-banner sample-banner TECHINCAL SUPPORT

Highest standard of quality products with technical data and after sales assistance.

sample-banner sample-banner CUSTOMER SERVICE

Dedicated customer support and unsurpassed technical assistance on all our products.

sample-banner sample-banner FAST SHIPPING

All purchases both on and offline are delivered fast as possible with safe and sound shipping.

sample-banner sample-banner WORLD CLASS

We manufacture all our products to world class standards meeting superiority quality.


LPG Auto Gas Products & Manufaturing

With over 25 years of industry experience we are a leading manufacturer and importer of a large range of LPG autogas parts