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A PROPANE REGULATOR/PROPANE CONVERTER - A replacement for most brands of Vapor Injection Regulators/Converters


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Replaces most brands of vapour injection converters.



High flow High Capacity Vapor Injection Reducer / Converter C-M7

High capacity, regulator/converter

Vapour injection regulator/converter/reducer can replace most vapour injection system converters on the market


When ordering note model being replaced.

For correct vapour outlet fitting size 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm solenoid with sensor we will match it for you.

12 Volt and 24 volt solenoids available. The M7 can do 600 + horse power motors. Two types of temp sensors available.

Elect R67 European certification. Certified to 40°. You can cut and solder.


Freight $90





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Our products are Globally Certified

67R-0110319 CLASS3 Certification | 67R-0110318 CLASS3 | M7 Certification

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Under LPG Conversation

LPG comes from the tank to under the bonnet into the Converter which heats the liquid to come out a gas vapour which then goes into the Injectors which purely injects the correct amount of gas into each cylinder. Just like a petrol injector.

For direct injection motors the petrol injectors continue to operate at a very minimal amount to ensure they don't get too hot while running on LPG - Propane. This minimal amount can be only 5% however may vary according to motor type.

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