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Ignition Leads

AMR Autogas is a manufacturer and supplier of ignition leads, sets and components in Australia. Our leads offer an extremely low resistance value that provides superior conductivity for your automotive vehicle.

Our manufacturing process involves using high-quality materials such as advanced insulation that provides long life with exceptional durability. Our ignition leads are the ideal for automotive wholesalers or installers around Australia.

The team at AMR Autogas is committed to delivering world-class ignition leads using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Our excellence in design, quality and reliability has meant we have been the choice for leads for over 25 years.

Our 3 Year Warranty Guarantee

AMR Autogas products come with a 3 year warranty guarantee. We manufacture and supply world-leading products that meet a global standard.


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Ignition leads that are tried and tested

The leads at AMR Autogas can withstand high tension voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plug, providing high-performance benchmarks that are needed for certain applications.

The high-grade insulation properties and resistance to temperature, vibration, and humidity achiever greater results and shelf life than other products on the market. The high-performance characteristics of our leads can only be achieved through our strict testing.

Ignition leads are increasingly given more stress as car parts and performance increase year in, year out. They are located in an area of the car with the most hostile environment. If you need ignition leads that can keep up with your car’s performance, choose AMR Autogas today.

The right lead connects the ignition coil to the spark plug and is a key element to the ignition system of many engines. Choosing the right product can difficult, but with AMR Autogas we have the expertise and history behind us to back our claims.

Custom-made leads

We have been manufacturing the Gasmaster ignition leads and their components for over 25 years. We have a large range of sets to choose from. We can also make lead sets to meet your bespoke requirements. Custom-made lead sets can be made to order by filling out the custom-made form.

Our spark plug lead sets are also available in 9 mm red and blue colours. The 10 mm lead sets are available in blue, red and green. There is also the option to purchase ignition lead cables, terminals and boots separately and you can make your own. 

Why Shop Our Range Of Ignition Leads?

Here at AMR Autogas, we make it easier for our customers to find high-quality ignition leads that won’t cost you a fortune. Our extensive range services the Australian automotive industry, as well as Canada and the US. For more information on our product range contact us today on +61 3 9563 1508 for trade, +61 3 9563 3491 for wholesale or email us at for any further enquiries.


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With over 25 years of industry experience we are a leading manufacturer and importer of a large range of LPG autogas parts