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LPG Fittings & Gas Hoses

We are one of the leading suppliers of LPG gas hoses and fittings in Australia. Our products offer reliable liquid transfer to gas for cars, BBQ bottles and other LPG applications.The team at AMR Autogas is dedicated to achieving and world-leading manufacturing process that involves using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to deliver premium products at an affordable price.

We are Australian-made and owned, delivering excellence to the Australian automotive industry for over 25 years. In this time, we have expanded our reach globally to international markets in Canada and the US. Contact us today to discover why businesses around the world are choosing AMR Autogas today. AMR Autogas products come with a 3 year warranty guarantee. We manufacture and supply world-leading products that meet a global standard.

Our 3 Year Warranty Guarantee

AMR Autogas products come with a 3 year warranty guarantee. We manufacture and supply world-leading products that meet a global standard.

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Types of Hoses

LPG/propane filling hoses

Our filling hoses are an excellent choice when used for filling, servicing line, vapour injection under bonnet supply systems.

LPG fittings 

Our range of LPG fittings for gas hoses offers a variety of uses and applications for your gas needs. Choose from a variety of different fittings that suit you. All of our fittings are Australia-made for superior reliability and at an affordable price.

LPG hoses

Our LPG hoses are designed for delivery, supply and transfer of propane for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. It is an excellent product for LPG/propane supply and delivery applications. The flexible industrial hoses are available to current Australian standards.

Our hoses offer utility on a site where the gas source is at a reasonable distance from the application. All of our hoses offer a safe and secure connection while being able to maintain the robust nature of the service application required. 

Vapour injection gas hose

Our injection gas hoses are designed for low pressure delivery of LPG to cars. The hose fits onto the vapour injection reducer or converter vapour outlet when using a spring of screw clamp. The other end fits onto the filter and then the injectors with another clamp.

LPG/propane service line hoses

Our LPG service line hoses provide superior fuel line service for all vehicles which have a chassis — these include 4X4s, utes, trucks and other similar vehicles. The flexible hose is made from high-quality materials that provide reliable and durable between the gas tank and the engine.

Why Shop Our Range Of LPG Fittings & Gas Hoses?

At AMR Autogas, we provide high-quality fittings and gas hoses for commercial and personal applications with gas tanks and engines. For more information on our product range contact us today on +61 3 9563 1508 for trade, +61 3 9563 3491 for wholesale or email us at for any further enquiries.


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LPG Auto Gas Products & Manufaturing

With over 25 years of industry experience we are a leading manufacturer and importer of a large range of LPG autogas parts